Best way to mass send/batch transactions?

What’s the best way to send thousands of transactions? I will pay the fees and distribute tokens.

There is a service online but it costs 2eth/day(ridicilous) to mass send transactions and it’s just a convenience tool(you pay the fees, it just gives you option to mass send a huge list at once).

Is there a system to batch transactions/mass send or something similar through openzeppelin?
Does anyone have asuggestion?

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Hi @cocacol33 , welcome to the Open Zeppelin forums!

I think your question is a bit to broad, could you tell me what type of transactions you are trying to send or why you are sending them?

If I hypothetically had to send thousands of transactions and had unlimited amount of ether, then I would write a bot using ethers.js and make a for loop sending transactions with slight differences.

If you had an array of addresses, put that into a .json file, read the addresses, do a transaction to each one.

But there may be a better way!

If you are doing an airdrop, you might search for tutorials on how to do that using the merkel tree. There are also airdrop services that you can use.

If it’s per contract, you could get your users to call the transaction themselves using their own address.