Best practice for using ProxyFactory.sol in a Solidity 0.6 project deploying minimal proxies?

@msolomon4 asked on Telegram

As of today, what is the best practice for using ProxyFactory.sol in a project (for deploying minimal proxies)? I see in the roadmap the plan is to migrate it to @openzeppelin/contracts, whereas it seems only @openzepplin/upgrades currently includes it but only for Solidity ^0.5.3.

I can of course copy the contract and change the pragma, but I wanted to check if there was a preferred approach I’m missing

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Hi @msolomon4,

For now the best option is to copy/paste the ProxyFactory.sol so that you can use it with Solidity 0.6 in your project.

There is an initial migration in the solc-0.6 branch. It hasn’t been tested though. Unfortunately, although the contract migration itself is quite straightforward, migrating all of the tests and setup to use Solidity 0.6 will be quite a bit more work that we don’t have the bandwidth to do at the moment.

The plan is still to move the proxy contracts to OpenZeppelin Contracts.

Got it, thats the approach I’ve been going with so glad to hear it. Thanks as always @abcoathup!

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