Beginner's Q&A - ERC20 or BEP20?

Hi everyone - v beginner questions here - pls excuse my ignorance on some seemingly basic queries (please feel free to correct me!):

I'm looking to secure a token name/code eg $TOKEN but trying to decide between minting on ERC20 or BEP20.

  • Is it mandatory to go through the minting process to secure the $TOKEN name?
  • I appreciate that defining the terms of the smart contract, eg supply etc, is required beforehand (and cannot be altered thereafter), so i want to make sure it get's done right.
  • Whilst ERC20 is the "gold standard", minting considerations seem to be 'friendlier' on BEP20 (eg cost, speed of transactions etc?)
  • I am also aware that ETH v2.0 is due soon - but will this truly make any fundamental changes to minting/transacting/speeds/costs using ERC20?
  • eg if once minted on BEP20, you obviously cannot switch it to ERC20? (or can one dual-list it like coins/tokens can be listed on 2 exchanges)?

Thanks in advance

Bep20 is more transaction friendly, the transactions are cheap and you can deploy a Token bridge to Ethereum if you want your token to be crosschain

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thank you @YummyDao

but correct me if i am wrong - the bridge is more for swapping to/from ECR20 and BEP20? (for transactions post-minting)

The underlying protocol upon which the token was minted remains the same?

There are significantly more projects launched on ERC20 than BEP20.
Granted, BEP20 is cheaper and faster, but relatively new. I am getting recommendations and arguments for/against both

It all depends on your use case ...
If your use case needs a cheaper transaction alternative

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