Autotask schedule - using UTC

Is it possible to invoke an autotask based on fixed point in time using UTC? or something similar?

For example, I want to invoke an autotask to fire every Friday @ 10AM UTC. Is there a direct way of doing this (or maybe an elegant solution)?

A couple ideas I had:

  • start the auto task on a Friday @ 10AM UTC to run on a weekly schedule (not an ideal solution)

  • Have the autotask run at a high frequency (ie. every 5 min), and check to the time in the autotask (seems like a lot of unnecessary runs).

My hope was that I could just format the schedule time in the autotask UI. Similar to a cron job.

Hey @Guceri! That's something we are planning to be working on next. The idea is to allow you to define either a frequency or a cron expression, exactly like a cron job as you say.

In the meantime, the workaround is as you say: set up an autotask that runs at a certain frequency (can be every hour for instance) and check the time to decide whether you have to run or not.

Hi @spalladino !
I just wanted to check in on this feature that we talked about a month ago. I noticed on the last release notes, there is nothing mentioned about cron expressions. Do you have an idea of what version this is planned to go live?

Hey Tolga! That feature is currently in progress, and didn't make it to the last release. We expect it to be ready near end of the month.

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