Are Pausable and ReentrancyGuard Modules Available in contracts-upgradeable

I am trying to use your contracts-upgradeable variant of the contracts. However, i am not finding the following corresponding source code files:

  • token/ERC721/ERC721Pausable.sol
  • utils/Pausable.sol
  • utils/ReentrancyGuard.sol

Are these available in the contracts-upgradeable variant? Have they been included in other source files?

Thank you. J

These are the paths for Contracts 3.x.

In the latest release you can find them under:

  • token/ERC721/extensions/ERC721Pausable.sol
  • security/Pausable.sol
  • security/ReentrancyGuard.sol

For the Upgradeable variant, you have to add Upgradeable to the file name, for example: security/PausableUpgradeable.sol.

Great! Thank you @frangio