Any need for a gossip network in GSN?

Hey! I’ve been building out a gossip network ( for the past few months and was wondering if it would be of any use to GSN. I’m a little confused how GSN works under the hood.



Hi @pollenium,

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You may want to share details of your gossip network in the #general:showcase category.

From the GSN documentation:
… there are four main actors in the GSN:

  • A singleton RelayHub contract, that coordinates the entire network. All relayed transactions need to go through it, and all relayer stakes and recipients funds are held by it.
  • A decentralized set of Relayers. A relayer must register itself on the RelayHub by staking funds, as the hub penalizes it if it misbehaves.
  • A set of Recipients, which are the dapp contracts that pay for their users’ transactions. Recipients need to deposit funds on the hub in order to pay for the relayed calls, and need to adhere to a specific interface to accept the meta transactions.
  • The end Users of the recipient contracts. Instead of sending regular Ethereum transactions, these users can just sign a transaction with any key, and send it off-chain to a Relayer to be sent to the network.

The communication between the dapp and Relayer is via channels such as https. I don’t know if there is any need for this to be via a gossip network.