Airdrop Tokens

i want to airdop my own token from website and bot
i want to know what function need implement in token contract
can anyone explain the way

just do a for loop that sends it to the user:

function airdrop(address[] calldata addresses, uint256 amountTotal) public onlyOwner {
uint256 perAddress = amountTotal / addresses.length; 
for(uint256 i; i < addresses.length; i++) {
   balance[addresses[i]] += perAddress;

why is not address memory?

you can use memory but you won't change the address list so calldata is fine. your just calling data and not changing it

how many address i can import in this method

idk how much gas fee can u handle?
(as many as you want)

how can implement
so every person comes to the site
for example, we have presale and airdrop
so you can one time give airdrop for example 5,000 token with .01 BnB with out any condition
like, join to channel and else...

if you want people to buy tokens in the presale you can do an mapping from address to uint and create a function to so users can buy the token. Then at a later point you let users claim their reward or you send the tokens in one function while this is not recommended because people can create liquidity before you

how can protect this
people cant create liquidity before me
I see one function in some contract
to lock liquidity, it's for this or not?

Hey! You need to set a timestamp where people can withdraw their tokens. This should be after the initial liquidity was set.
If the function is to lock liquidity or not is something I can't tell you because I don't know anything about the function

you say it must use timestamp to lock
airdrop tokens to be denied from swap and liquidity until my time i say