AccessControlUpgradeable interfaceId

Is there an easy place to find the interfaceId for the AccessControlUpgradeable contract?
Additionally, is there a good place to find the interfaceId for anything that imports ERC165? Every time I look for an interfaceId I have a good deal of trouble finding it. I know there must be a better way to get it, besides googling 'AccessControlUpgradeable interfaceId'.

I need this for testing. Trying to get 100% coverage hah.
Here is my current test

    it("Should check it supports erc721, erc165 and access control", async function () {
    let support721 = await ETCH.supportsInterface(0x80ac58cd);
    let support165 = await ETCH.supportsInterface(0x01ffc9a7);
    assert(support721 && support165);

I use HH and coverage

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Hello @bot

If you want to generate the interfacesId locally, you can use this herlper

See an example of usage here


This is one of the motivation I propose