1000 NFTs, random attributes


So, I want to make 1000 D&D starting characters. I want them to have random attributes. I know you should use Chainlink, but, it is 0.1 LINK per random request which is around $3 at the time of this writing, and $3000 for 1000 random calls. This will only get worse as the price of LINK continues to rise. What alternatives NFT creators have for this kind of use case?


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i'm making an NFT game that requires randomness too. i was wondering if using price feed data can achieve this without chainlink VRF.

so an onchain random number generator can use a combination of block details + combination of price feeds? what do you think are potential risks of this approach?

If you are minting NFTs in batches, only one Chainlink random number is needed for a batch. The keccak256 hash of a random number is still a random number. So the chain can be going on and on. Minting 1000 NFTs might be done in 20 batches. Then the cost to LINK is a lot smaller. It can also save gas costs.

IMO, it is OK not to use Chainlink VRF if there is no piles of cash to be exploited by the miners.

Have a read on randomness expansions if you stick to Chainlink : https://docs.chain.link/docs/chainlink-vrf-best-practices/#getting-multiple-random-numbers

Kind of agree with @maxaero, not super risky here. Alternative: look how hashmasks have been doing for instance (crazy expensive but fully onchain) -> store the whole list of IPFS hashes (the 32 last bytes at least) in a giant array, in a random order, then just take one random number which set the starting indice (for instance token id 15 -> 1st hash, Id 16 -> second, etc)

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Thanks guy! Yeah, I just need random attributes for characters creations, there won't be any amount of cash that can be hacked.

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