Why doesn't there exist interface of ERC20Votes/ERC20Wrapper?

in ony of my contracts, I do the following:

     /// for the GovernanceWrappedERC20 
    function supportsInterface(bytes4 interfaceId) public view virtual override returns (bool) {
            interfaceId == type(IERC20Upgradeable).interfaceId ||
            interfaceId == type(IERC20PermitUpgradeable).interfaceId ||
            interfaceId == type(IERC20MetadataUpgradeable).interfaceId ||
            interfaceId == type(ERC20VotesUpgradable).interfaceId ||
            interfaceId == type(ERC20WrapperUpgradeable).interfaceId ||

As you can see, I do one of the checks such as:

interfaceId == type(ERC20WrapperUpgradeable).interfaceId.

One problem I see here is doing interfaceId on the abstract contract is wrong. The reason is, in this exampl,e decimals exist on ERC20WrapperUpgradeable which in the end would end up in the interfaceId, but the thing is, It shouldn't be in the interfaceId of ERC20WrapperUpgradeable, because it is included in the IERC20MetadataUpgradable. Why don't you have interfaces for these contracts ? ERC20VotesUpgradable and ERC20WrapperUpgradable.