Why A Variable is "0x00..." In My ERC20 Token

Hi everyone, I deployed this erc-20 token to binance smart chain testnet (https://github.com/selimerunkut/bep20_NNN).

deploying "DefaultProxyAdmin" (tx: 0x31c01e37692bd4ed7f0e0c947aaf4e6a5200df928a3fc4670259f447f6b77e6b)...: deployed at 0xAE37efb1e5535fEf0e18468cb208807c19caf3C9 with 670161 gas
deploying "NNNToken_Implementation" (tx: 0x11a77644f9cc3053e9f45bd8dae566b5cf80299831eba6687f1e3375143d297c)...: deployed at 0xE13F769F9C70b0307Cb2a2054Cd2Da907Cd45CE4 with 2534787 gas
deploying "NNNToken_Proxy" (tx: 0xd88951462286264199334e6b7a876302cce8a3b5736d6953eeaa792cc81ccfa1)...: deployed at 0xD429a420bA1b4Bb57E4EAe22c335BfC358de9625 with 989318 gas

But I don't why, here (testnet.bscscan.com/address/0xE13F769F9C70b0307Cb2a2054Cd2Da907Cd45CE4#readContract) the DEFAULT_ADMIN_ROLE is 0x0000....

Thanks in advance, have a nice day

I think you can have a look at the original contract code: AccessControl.sol | OpenZeppelin:

bytes32 public constant DEFAULT_ADMIN_ROLE = 0x00;

And for more details about this part, maybe you can have a look at the documentation: Access Control - OpenZeppelin Docs

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Thanks for the reply. With which function I can the view admins?

Admins? Minter or Pauser or something else?

You can have a check for your contracts, Contract Address 0xE13F769F9C70b0307Cb2a2054Cd2Da907Cd45CE4 | BscScan, All public functions are there!

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