Where is ERC20Mintable.sol in OpenZeppelin Contracts 3.0?

smalaichami asked on GitHub (https://github.com/OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts/issues/2092):

It looks like that ERC20Mintable.sol contract is moved or removed.
Could you please suggest what is the new parth for ERC20Mintable.sol ?

OpenZeppelin Contracts v3.0 has a beta release

The final v3.0 release is not yet finished

Roles contracts (such as MinterRole and PauserRole ) were removed: we’re redesigning our Access Control solution and will have a better version of these in the v3.0 release.

ERC20Mintable.sol is part of OpenZeppelin Contracts v2.5 which uses Solidity 0.5.

The master branch of the repo currently contains the work for the upcoming 3.0 release. For this release, we are removing the current role contracts, which includes MinterRole. Since we are removing this role, we are also removing the ERC20Mintable contract which used it.

There will be an alternative to ERC20Mintable and roles in 3.0, but we haven’t built it yet.

In the meantime, please continue using ERC20Mintable from the 2.5 release of Contracts, which can be found in the repository in the link that @abcoathup provided above.


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