Where does accounts come from in public testnets

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I’ve been using this documentation to configure my oz project for deploying on ropsten.
I reproduced each step exactly the same way, so I used mnemonics to create a new words sequence. Using metamask I created a new account from this mnemonic and I transfered some eths from faucets, so I already have an account with nonzero balance. All rigth, then I configured HDWalletProvider, my Infura projectId, network.js and secrets.json files… then when I executed npx oz accounts and it gives me nothing, not a single account in the list… after reading some documentation and try to understand why, some minutes afters that I tried again and it shows a list of exactly 10 accounts, being the first of that list the account with balance that I created with metamask, other nine accounts has a balance of 0 eths.
So how is the process for accounts discovery when using a public network and a given mnemonic? … Is there a kind of blocks scanning process searching for transactions whit participation of addresess that has been generated from the private keys represented by the mnemonics being using?.. if this is not the case, please help me understand it.
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Hi @rtraba,

I am not sure what happened the first time you ran npx oz accounts and received no results. Did you change anything to make it work?

The CLI calls getAccounts() which when using Truffle HDWallet provider returns 10 accounts generated from the mnemonic.

Hi @rtraba,

Checking if you had any more questions?