Where deployed contract data is saved

Hi all,
I have a question about where the data is saved when a contract is deployed.
I deployed an upgradeable ERC20 contract.
I want to know what kind of data is saved and understand how to read them.

Hi, I think you want to know when you use the upgradable pattern, where the data is saved, right?

Actually, there are two main contracts: Proxy and Implementation, all main logic are saved in the implementation contract, and all data are saved in the proxy contract, so you can change the implementation at any time, but you can not change the proxy contract.

And for more details, I think you can have a look at this documentation:

Hi Skyge,
Thanks for your reply.
I understand that it is in the blockchain, but I want to know where is in my local.
I believe that a copy of the deployed contracts is stored in my local with all data (contract address, owner address, block number, etc). Do you know where is saved?
Thanks in advance

I think it is stored in the .openzeppelin, you can have a check.

Yes, you’re right.

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