When the UUPS proxy contract is deployed in remix, the second deployment fails. How to continue?

I am using the UUPS proxy contract mode to deploy my contract to the ETH main network. I am deploying it in remix, which supports openzepplin's proxy contract deployment very well and provides a good interface. Two transactions are required for deployment. The first It is the deployment of the implementation contract. The second is the deployment of the proxy contract. The first deployment was successful, but in the second one, I needed insufficient gas, which resulted in failure. Now how do I continue to deploy and use my first successful one? contract as a basis? The gas price of ETH is too expensive, so I don't want to start with the first deployment!

Please share all the relevant information:

  1. The implementation contract's constructor function, init function or functions, and anything else which might be executed upon the deployment of the proxy contract
  2. A link to the proxy contract source code on OpenZeppelin's GitHub
  3. The input that you've used when you deployed the implementation contract via Remix
  4. The input that you've used when you attempted to deploy the proxy contract via Remix