What is the token project mean on Etherscan?


sometimes Etherscan send you about these points when you complete your token such as:

  • There is no clear information available about the token/project,? what does this mean?

  • The project does not provide a transparent/clear information on its founder and team
    I guess this means the token founder's name and his team!

members (with supporting public professional profiles i.e LinkedIn profile or equivalent),
here they need the members or you can add the token page in facebook and linkedin?

  • The sender’s email address is not the same as the token/project’s official domain
    does subdomain acceptable? or they need an official website with info email?

  • Lacking of active/activities on social media channels,
    if the page new or Linkedin new? what shall do? or they mean another thing?

I hope one of your team explain to me

with regards

Have you searched in Etherscan’s knowledge base?

is this to make updates and upload logo for a token?

about this: * Website has clear and sufficient information about the project or token

what they mean about the project or token?
as you know making tokens pass through 4 steps to issue 1 token? what the project they mean? do you know how the project written? what is the suitable words for it?
if you made a token named ZARA for example, what project could you write on it?
just to give me a clear view.


I think you can just ask the developers of the etherscan, they must know all of these questions, maybe you can have a try on the reddit.