What does your computer setup look like?

Welcome to the community @Jena
I love my T480 (though I am only running Windows currently), my friends in the Web3 Melbourne community recommended it. When I was between projects I was borrowing my wife’s laptop but she didn’t want me to take hers to #Buidl_Bali, so I had to get one of my own. :smile:

Great minimalism there. My desk always seems to have bits of stuff around it, something to fidget with, and mobile devices to test with.

My cider of choice is Strawberry and Lime on ice, though it’s a bit too early and a bit too cold in Melbourne for that.

Hello batman. Awesome setup @elopio

Your keyboard looks interesting. I haven’t tried a split keyboard. That looks like you could type for a decent amount of time.

In high school I learnt two practical skills, to touch type and to recite a quote from Macbeth. I still use those skills all the time.

One 13inch laptop. No externals. Old school baby.

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I like screen real-estate, but haven’t got my physical layout right not to end up with body aches at the end of the day. I have ditched the separate monitor until I sort it out.

I like having a decent size keyboard. I love touch typing.

My lying down workstation because standing desks are so passe. Just kidding! I have neurally-mediated hypotension, so standing and sitting are hard for me, but hey, like this, I can still code!

This setup features an emf-blocking canopy. (That golden mosquito netting looking thing. (Also functions as mosquito netting. (And I love nested parentheses.)))

I’m running the i3 window manager under Ubuntu. Man, a tiling wm is the kind of thing where you can never go back to a regular gui again. (Kinda like Vim.)


Thanks for sharing @Flurrywinde. Sorry to hear about standing and sitting being a challenge, but great that you can code.

I have seen lying down desks before where the user lays on their back and the screen and keyboard are face down, though suspect those need a track ball rather than a mouse. I previously tried a bed desk (my bedroom was my office) but didn’t do my core muscles any good.

I am not a fan of mosquito’s, :mosquito: but I am a big fan of mosquito nets.

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That keyboad from @elopio is interesting. I think I need one of those.
Interesting story @Flurrywinde, never thought that such problem could exist.
MIne is really simple, laptop (15 inch) + screen (27 inch). I didn’t bought a keyboard because I worked outside sometimes and so I like to stay used to this keyboard, but I might change it.
I like the 27 inch screen, it’s really awesome, but now I feel it is a bit small :joy: I would have bought a 32 inch, for sure.


Yeah, if I could afford one of those… I wonder how the ergonomics is. It’s actually not too bad my way, just a little tension in my front deltoids. As for core muscles, I used to do Judo for that. :wink: I hope someday I will again.

@obernardovieira yeah, don’t get me started on all the weird health problems nobody knows about (and often denies exist) that I, unfortunately, know about!

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When I work at home my workplace looks like this. I also have an external monitor in the office.
But I’m rather a minimalist and it depends on what I work on - if the second screen is not necessary I often move to the dining table, bed, couch or garden :wink: And of course a cup of coffee/tea is essential.

@abcoathup although I have a desk with a monitor, I also very often use the dining table… nice mug :joy: what a “playing dice” is for?

@elopio cool keyboard! I have never tried it but it looks very comfortable

@Jena I like your minimalism and drink choice :wink: Being mobile is also very important for me

@Flurrywinde I feel sorry for your health problems but I love your sense of humor and the way you talk about it

@obernardovieira I like that your desk is by the window :slight_smile: I also get to used to the keyboard so I don’t like the external one


One of my best friends gave me my mug and a t-shirt.
The “dice” is a fidget cube, though it is not on the table, so my son must have it.

Your desk is so tidy. Very nice. Thanks for sharing @paulinablaszk


This is my office :slight_smile:

I have MacBook Pro (this one damn new with 32 GB RAM and biggest CPU upgrade I could get on this planet ^^) including external LG-4K display and another old Dell Screen.

Ledger Nano X, fast external SSD drives for storing Ethereum blockchain, some mobile devices for testing mobile app development and lots of cables and adapters because Apple requires us to have such expensive stuff nowadays ^^

While travelling I prefer a 13 inch Macbook only


Thanks for sharing @itinance

Love your screens and your MacBook Pro.

Do you have a window to look out of?

I need to move my hand grips to be by my laptop.

Hey @abcoathup, I have a window directly to the left and two others behind me. Thats why I prefer looking against the wall because this way I have no mirror-effects on the screens and no dazzling sun :slight_smile:

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Hi @itinance
I once worked in a concrete box with no windows, I like having some natural light :sunny:
Glad you have some windows.

@abcoathup wow, thats really terrible! I have never seen such a working place yet without any windows and could not work in such. Glad that you could optimize it :slight_smile:

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@itinance it was the nature of the project, it was a very secure building.

@abcoathup Facebooks Libra development center? :smile:

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@itinance a defence project, not a new global currency :smile:

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I have no idea how you guys can actually be productive on a laptop screen. I have two monitors and a 40" TV and I still feel like I could use more screen real estate. Don’t mind the mess. It keeps my wife out!


Awesome @pantsme Thanks for sharing.

I still haven’t got my physical setup right to use a second monitor properly. I do miss having an office sometimes to properly enjoy having mess.

I would find the tv distracting. I can’t listen to podcasts for the same reason.

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@abcoathup I can confirm that sometimes this distraction is required in order to finish a project at the very end :slight_smile: