What are you working on?

@abcoathup thanks for the hint. Actually, I already had a (quick) look at Pooltogether, but it’s massive with 100+ contracts.
Also, I am struggling with their concept of the ramdom number (VRF) implementation.
You have to request a ramdom number, and then later, you get a callback from the Chainlink node to process the random number, but because the node has to pay the gas, it is limited to 200,000.

In case of this call-back setup it’s great that the processing is kicked off once the Cahinlink node has a new random number, but the gas is not enough to do the (heavy) processing I implemented.

Still, I have not found a good solution, neither has Chainlin in their Discord. I would not want to add another (Chainlink) tmer service, to just kick off the processing after “some time”.

I have read that there are other , non async random services around (nit sure), might look for them out.

Anybody any suggestions ?

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Hi @sven.meyer,

Unfortunately I haven’t got anything to suggest for random numbers.

If you do need to trigger transactions, you may want to look at OpenZeppelin Defender Autotasks: https://docs.openzeppelin.com/defender/autotasks