What are you working on?

It would be great if you could share what things you are working on.
Feel free to include::

  • Information about the project
  • Tools you are using
  • Any recent wins
  • Any challenges, something you are stuck on or are frustrated with

I am currently playing with the new ZeppelinOS 2.3.0.

My first PR to OpenZeppelin was merged today. Very excited. It’s only small but is the first step to allowing generation of tokenURI’s for ERC721.

I had an issue deploying an ERC777 token to ganache-cli last week. Looking at it today I realised I was missing an await, oops. I was also easily able to have the code verified on Etherscan (using truffle-flattener), when a few weeks ago I had issues (I am assuming there was an issue with my tooling versions).

On my todo list:


Love this initiative Andy! Myself, I’m working mostly on ZeppelinOS. I’ve been playing around a bit with solc, to see if we can integrate it natively into the zos CLI. Hope to have something interest in that front soon!

Also, on some spare time, I’ve been looking into sidechains, and coded a small bridge contract to move funds from a testnet to a mini PoA chain running on 3 nodes on my machine. My plan is to then start looking into plasma, to learn about all the different approaches out there!


Thanks for sharing @spalladino

Congratulations on the latest release of ZeppelinOS.

I am a big fan of Proof of Authority sidechains secured by reputation of the authorities for immediate scaling with easy options to move to the security of mainnet. I like xDAI PoA chain and burner wallets (xDAI.io and party) especially for onboarding people new to crypto.


Hi @bugduino, @paulinablaszk, @ianbrtt, @roy.batty, @obernardovieira, @bbarton and everyone else in the community, it would be awesome if you could take a moment to tell us all what you are working on.


I’m working on Peepeth (https://peepeth.com), a social network focused on positive impact. It’s part Ethereum smart contract and part Rails app.

A recent win was launching the badges contract (thanks for putting it together @abcoathup). Badges enable features on Peepeth.com and are being awarded to supporters of the crowdfunding campaign.

The main challenge is prioritization. That which is most important is rarely the thing you want to work on, despite the tendency of our minds to tell us otherwise.

Thanks for asking @abcoathup!


Hey! Great question @abcoathup thanks for asking.

  1. Currently using Quorum for a particular project that goes perfect with a permissioned Blockchain. I really like it so far, its pretty much the same as ethereum but with private, fast transactions and a few other things…

  2. With a friend here in spain we are translating EthHub to spanish and and we are calling it Etherpedia we plan to start making podcasts and videos with developers and people from the blockchain space all content in spanish. Will put a lot about Zeppelin of course! @martriay what do you think?

  3. Add testing guide, gotta finish it this week, don’t know why it took me so long.

  4. Keep learning about JS, Business, Blockchain.


Hey! I’m currently building a dapp, with an easy ui/ux in mind, which interacts with different lending protocols and allows you to lend and at the best rate available. I integrated Compound v2 for the moment and I plan to add others in the following weeks.

I’m using truffle + react + rimbleui on the client side with web3-react for wallets support.
On the contract side, I’m still undecided between openzeppelin-solidity and zos. I managed to get the upgradable pattern working without any issue with zos, but I had some problem during testing, so I switched back to openzeppelin-solidity for the moment.


What do you mean by this? They’re not exclusive and serve different purposes, why would you choose?

Awesome @ianbrtt


I haven’t played with Quorum. When I first went down the rabbit hole I was looking at permissioned chains, specifically Hyperledger Fabric (Hyperledger Composer was my first blockchain love). Though then moved to public permissionless where I fell in love with Ethereum. I assume the big benefit of Quorum is that so much of the Ethereum tooling and technology stack can support it.


That sounds exciting. Will you keep Etherpedia in sync with EthHub or only port what you need for your community? Keep us updated with the project.

Testing guide

I am really looking forward to this. I didn’t come across anything like it when I first started learning.


I assume you mean JavaScript? I still have “fun” learning JavaScript. Previously I used C#, then prior to that Pascal and Ada.

Thanks for the update @bbarton. I’m excited to see the impact of Insight credits.

How do you prioritize your development efforts?

Hi @bugduino Thanks for your addition.

What is your schedule to going live for your lending dApp?

What was the problem you had during testing? Let us know how we can help.

I would recommend using OpenZeppelin wherever practical (I am biased :smile:, but this has been my opinion since 2017 when I first started building proof of concepts using tokens).

ZeppelinOS gives you the ability to upgrade which can be hugely important.

Hi @abcoathup, thanks for asking :slight_smile: Currently:

  • I’m working in Featly project - adding new features to the initial version of the system and obtaining financing
  • I’m contributing in Ethernaut - updating tests to finish work on Solidity 0.5
  • I’m preparing to pass out the semester at my postgraduate studies

Plans for the near future:

  • playing with ZepelinoOS 2.3.0
  • writing a new tutorial (about creating upgradeable smart contracts with a token factory using zos?)
  • continue playing in Ethernaut :joy:

Hi @paulinablaszk you sound very busy.

Featly project sounds interesting. Would be nice to know more when you have the time.

I have always wondered about decentralised loyalty systems, that making it easy for customers to transfer reward points likely means that reward points move from those least likely to use them to those most likely to use them. Which could result in a company rewarding more. A potential to disrupt the current loyalty system models.

Looking forward to playing the updated Ethernaut. :smile;

When do you finish your postgraduate studies?


Quorum: Yes! Imagine having all the benefits of ethereum + private, fast transactions with no fees, today. You can set up your permissioned nodes on Azure, create private z-cash tokens, use Zeppelin, truffle or whatever framework that works on ethereum and create a private blockchain for your company. I really like it because I love ethereum and now I see how it can be used for companies that don’t want to have all the data public, but still have the benefits of blockchain + I didn’t have to learn that much, its just another perspective and use case.

more here: truffle quorum tutorial - azure quorum.

Soon I’ll be exploring how to use zos on quorum. @spalladino ever heard of such a thing? :slight_smile:

Etherpedia: the idea for now is to translate the whole repo and go from there, create a community and let people know that they can share their projects there in spanish, start creating content to educate people, interview developers… Me and my friend believe that there should be more about eth in spanish so that’s why we started. Of course will keep you posted about the progress.

Testing and JS… As soon as I started on Ethereum I knew I will have to improve my javascript, and I’m really enjoying it, thats why I also wanted to do the guide, so I can learn and then share to newcomers in my position.

You are cool Andrew :slight_smile: keep it up!


Yeah I know they are not exclusive, I mean I’m undecided between including zos for upgradability (plus openzeppelin-eth) or not including it at all and using only openzeppelin-solidity.


Hello @abcoathup
Wow, some really cool stuff going on here. Glad to know a bit more about you guys. Congrats to start this thread.

I’ve been working in soldoc, a documentation generator for solidity. Generates an HTML website self hosted and a PDF. I started this internally (at my company), it is now working perfectly and I was trying to release yesterday, but I’m still having problems with the tests. Something isn’t finished correctly. I think it’s related to the test setup.

I’ve also started solviz a while ago. I started it on my spare time and a few time later started to invest some working time as well. A few time later I realized it had a big problem and I found out about the consensys grants hackathon in Dublin. I stopped working on it, and decided to sign up and see if I can build it in the hackathon. Funny story short, we won the hackathon and they recommended us to apply for grants, so we are doing it. (btw, there’s no released version yet)

A while ago I created bonsai which is the result of a project that didn’t wored to well. Well, kind of. Bonsai is a yeoman generator to help me create a boilerplate to start a project. Kind of zepkit, but with more options, and I’ve started before knowing about zepkit, which is awesome, but this is a bit different. I actually started this, more because of an internal need (as of the others above).

Talking about the project, I’ve worked with cementdao before and now I’m working on an internal PoC insig.

Sometimes I also write articles (I’ve written one about ZeppelinOS btw) and I’m writing now about uPort, while building insig PoC.

I wish to get some of these projects more stable really soon so I can help improve ethernaut, which I love, as you know.


Thanks @ianbrtt I need to add play with quorum to my todo list :smile:

@obernardovieira so many awesome things to look at. I haven’t played with solidity document generation. Another on my todo list.

Thanks everyone for posting. Really great to hear what everyone is working on.


I’m hoping to release a first version (Compound v2 wrapper at the moment) in a couple of weeks max once the ui/ux is ready.

Both OpenZeppelin and ZeppelinOS are great projects, ZeppelinOS can be helpfull in the sense that you can potentially fix bugs and add new features, but from a trust perspective it can also be ‘abused’ by the owner (eg by adding a method to ‘steal’ user funds) which may scare some end users in my opinion. What do you think about it?


I am working on a crypto invoicing tool, Cryptofi … https://cryptofi.co

Create invoices and Get paid in crypto.

Here is a 1-minute demo.

Please try Cryptofi, I would love some feedback.