We need to write a smart contract for the marketplace. (paid)

The essence of the project:
Deal for the sale of game items.
Game items are on the site
The client comes to the site chooses the seller and decides to buy the item.

The item has a price in BUSD.
The client connects his wallet to our website
For example Metamask or TrustWallet or SafePal
The customer presses the buy button, a chat is created between the customer and the seller.

They discuss the deal after which the client presses the button to transfer funds to the UK.

SC asks to debit the required amount from the wallet automatically
(commission due to the buyer)

After debiting the amount, the seller sees that the transaction has been paid. (e.g. chat notification)

The seller gives the item to the client in the game

The client receives the item after that presses the button to complete the transaction
After that, the SC transfers the transaction amount to the seller minus the platform commission to the BSC network wallet specified in the seller’s personal account.
(commission due to the seller)

Our commission at this moment is sent to our BSC wallet specified in the UK (commission due to the seller) (it should be possible to change this wallet at any time)

Only the seller can cancel the transaction.
If the transaction is canceled by the seller, SK sends funds to the buyer to the wallet specified in the BSC profile (commission at the expense of the buyer)
Well, if the seller does not transfer the item to the buyer and the buyer wants to cancel the transaction, then he can click the button to connect those support to the transaction where those support will already view the chat and decide who is to blame and decide on the transfer of funds to the buyer or seller if the buyer is trying to deceive and the item was transferred

The marketplace commission should also be able to be changed at any time in the UK.

I can build your marketplace contract, you need two contracts an escrow and a marketplace logic smart contract.
Message me on telegram: @yummyDAO on telegram

I already built nft marketplace contract(buy, sell, timed aution, lazy minting etc)
message me on telegram @cryptodev77

Hello @ipix.adviser,

I can help you with the requirement.

Please reach me at henry@cisinlabs.com to discuss ahead. You can also connect me on skype to discuss.

Henry P
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