Warnings and Errors while Installing ZOS

OS: Windows 10 64x ; nose.js 10.15.1

After typing the following command [npm install --global zos] I get the warnings and errors shown in the image below. Please help.

Hello @jaureguino! Thanks for using the forum :smiley:

Do you have python installed? If so what version? There seems to be an issue with python.

Dear @IvanTheGreatDev,

Thanks a lot for your prompt response. I did not have python, so I installed it and then ran [ npm install --global zos ] as administrator and at the end I got the following warnings:


Later I connected with my regular user [that is also administrator] and installed webpack. I was unable to install fsevents but successfully installed ganache-cli, fs_promise, babel-preset-env, tar but I kept getting the following fsevents warnings:

Q1. Is fsevents indispensable? It appears to be required for darwin [Max OS] …
Q2. Should I ignore fsevents warnings and assume that zos installed successfully?
Q3. I could not find nomnom in npmjs.com, I read it was no longer supported. Any thoughts on this?


Hey bud, warnings shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to npm install, so no need to worry about those.
For 2, can you try typing npm install --no-optional for me? :smile:
Not sure about 3.

Good morning @IvanTheGreatDev ,

Thanks for your support! Here is the return from your special request! :muscle:


I guess I am ready to continue deployment :point_right: https://docs.zeppelinos.org/docs/deploying.html


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