VestingWallet.sol unusable on a private network


I had a very weird behavior with this contract
I deployed it on rinkeby and it's working like a charm as you can see here
I can deploy the contract, send some ERC20 tokens and then retrieve them later

The same contract isn't working on my private network

:computer: Environment

Contract: VestingWallet.sol
Deployed with hardhat
Solidity version 0.8.4
Private network with gas price null deployed on Azure using this repo with Besu
Faulty contract

:memo: Details

I can't do anything with the contract, view functions do not return anything, and when trying to use a write function, the transaction is reverted (bad instruction). Example here

I have absolutely no idea about what is going on

Found the issue, my private network wasn't up to date, using the Berlin EVM version solved the issue