UUPS vs Beacon Proxy

Hi everyone,

we were looking into the UUPS Proxy and Beacon Proxy.

The Beacon Proxy seems to be perfect for our use case. We have multiple proxies which all point to the same implementation contract. So we would only need to upgrade the beacon and all our proxies would be pointing to the new implementation contract.

After looking into other DeFi projects we saw most of the good projects are using UUPS. Beacon is not widely used in the industry.

What would your suggestion be for our use case? Do you know of any reason Beacon Proxy is not as widely used as UUPS?


Hi @langnavina97, please see this thread which has some discussion on the benefits of each: UUPS vs UpgradeableBeacon

Hi @ericglau,

thank you for your answer.

But can you think of any reason why UUPS is more widely used in the industry?

Which proxy do you recommend for having multiple proxies using the same implementation? The gas difference is not very high in our use case, we checked.

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Beacon proxies make sense if you control all of the proxies and want to always upgrade all of them (via the beacon) at the same time. Because they share a common upgrade process, they cannot be upgraded separately. You should evaluate whether this aligns with your use case, but it sounds like it does from your description.

Thank you @ericglau.

But why is the Beacon Proxy not used by any good DeFi projects? There are projects with a similar use case but they are using UUPS or Transparent..

I can't speculate on that claim, but they have different tradeoffs as discussed above. Also, beacon proxies are supported in the Upgrades Plugins since January 2022.