Using testing tools like mythx, slither, other Solidity fuzzers on production contracts?

Great article (Test smart contracts like a rockstar)

Can anyone give his inputs for more advanced testing tools like mythx, slither, other solidity fuzzers?

would love to hear from anyone who tried these tools on production level contracts.


Thanks @ilanD,

I’ve used mythx and slither but not in production level. I might do it soon, actually.
Yes, it’s a great topic to include here, at least a getting started section.

Is there any article about that, @abcoathup? If so, we can simply link, if not, we can write one.

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Actually there are a bunch of “2nd stage” tools for testing.

can also include mythrill, and more

I find it hard to decide where to put the energy, in learning the tool and merging into the working habits

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Hi @ilanD and @obernardovieira,

@tinchoabbate shared OpenZeppelin's online ERC20 verifier: behind the scenes on how they used Slither.

@VeraBE wrote last year during their internship about Using automatic analysis tools with MakerDAO contracts which I suggest looking through along with the replies.

I’m not aware of anything else in the forum. Would be interested to hear more from the community.

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