Usage of the 'set-admin' command


We will be thinking about deploying our smart contracts to the mainnet shortly and I just wanted to see if there were any tutorials or documentation on the recommended process of deploying and using the ‘set-admin’ command to hand off ownership to the ‘official’ owner of a project? Also was there any guidance of using something like the gnosis safe multisig as the owner of an upgradeable project?

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Hi Rick (@roy.batty)

Congratulations on nearing mainnet.

Suggest you look at the guide on Upgrades Governance and test yourself on a testnet:

Please ask any questions that you need.


@itinance tagging you in this topic as I know you are also deploying to mainnet.


Great! Thanks @abcoathup - will go through this material…

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Hi @roy.batty did you have any questions on using set-admin?

With zos 2.4, set-admin is interactive command now and can transfer ownership of whole project at once. For now doc doesn’t show this.

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