Upgrades-core 1.9.2 check whether the dependency use the delegatecall, if so it fail to deploy contract

In My package.json file, I specified "@openzeppelin/hardhat-upgrades": "^1.9.0", and it integrated upgrades-core@^1.9.2 by default.
finally, I revert the version to 1.9.0 and it works.
Is it normal?

version 1.9.2 checkout Usage of delegatecall

:1234: Code to reproduce

  version "1.9.2"
  resolved "https://registry.yarnpkg.com/@openzeppelin/upgrades-core/-/upgrades-core-1.9.2.tgz#9d7497f58b1f2bb704c162c716302bfff7923749"
  integrity sha512-LU2NMvnz+6jXheh3Rnfql4UgtS7ViHWwcivS3JRI9DMCazmlyibwMYz5QMakrNNGAF7bY0t0Sw1UCfe5qTYxjA==
    bn.js "^5.1.2"
    cbor "^8.0.0"
    chalk "^4.1.0"
    compare-versions "^3.6.0"
    debug "^4.1.1"
    ethereumjs-util "^7.0.3"
    proper-lockfile "^4.1.1"
    solidity-ast "^0.4.15"

:computer: Environment


What does your Vault contract look like? You should be using @openzeppelin/contracts-upgradeable rather than @openzeppelin/contracts.

This is unrelated to your issue. You should be using the latest version of all dependencies, don't change them manually.