Upgradable smart contract transaction fees not working

I am working on an upgradable smart contract and i am facing issue with transaction fees which are not taken, here is the deployed smart contract.

thanks in advance.

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So you mean when you transfer tokens, it should charge some fee, right?

For this transaction: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

when execute the funtion handleTax(), it seems like it does not satisfy this requirements:

if(!isExcluded(from) && !isExcluded(to))

So it return directly.

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thanks for the response, well as you noticed in the handle tax if tx came from or is to pancake pair should take liquidity fees and marketing fees but is not taking them.

You suggested that handle tax doesnt satisfy :

but why is that? what should be the fix?

you can see same issue on this tx https://testnet.bscscan.com/tx/0x16ff6fac3bd894a27d1aa1361138cc06ed29a05bb8bea745a7016ab34e5435f6

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Hi, sorry I make some wrong, if(!isExcluded(from) && !isExcluded(to)) is true but the following code: if(from == address(uniswapV2Pair)) and else if(to == address(uniswapV2Pair)) are false.
address(uniswapV2Pair): 0x820c7b80eecf69e062c2fee8c8fa6a1d660f2a86,
from: 0x20c621550e597dc37bbedc6b7487e72bb8543998
and to: 0x3386876c016e94ac0b0b092b6b7b0afc2ae9d78a.