🔁 Updating environment request - axios


Would it be possible to update the axios version to "axios": "1.1.3"?

Right seems quite outdated following the docs.

Thanks in advanced. Looking forward the answer.

Best regards,
Pedro Reyes.

Hi @Pedro_Reyes,

I've relayed this back to the team. However, is this urgent on your side?

Hello @nami ,

Not at all. The issue I had due to the old version of this library I fixed by adding some boilerplate code.

In any case, I think it is a good practice to update it from time to time checking backwards incompatibilities.

Best regards,
Pedro Reyes.

Hi @Pedro_Reyes

Just to give you an update: we have another dependancy aws4-axios which is currently not compatible with the axios >1. However it does look like they are working on it. We will upgrade as soon as they have upgraded their peer dependancy.