Updating cloned contracts

Hi there, a quick question: if a contract factory has generated quite a bunch of contracts by cloning, and one parameter is desired to be updated across all such cloned contracts, what is the best approach for achieving that? Suppose a setter is available for all such contracts. And a good measure would be low gas costs, and easy to implement and quick in execution.

One more constraint to add: the generated contracts do not belong to me, or any known individuals. They are in the wild. In-person coordination is impossible.

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To add one more thought, is it possible to use oracle to force all such cloned smart contracts to update a state viable?

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Got a somewhat satisfying answer on stackexchange.


Yeah, just like the answer you shared above, what I can think out it also uses delegateCall to delegateCall another contract to keep a common variable. As for is there another good way, I am not sure.

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