Typescript for OpenZeppelin/Networkjs

Hello all! Whew- this is my first time on the forum on the OTHER SIDE of the company. :slight_smile:

I have a question- I’m developing in a Typescript environment (thanks @frangio @spalladino @ylv-io) and I wanted to ask if there are typescript definitions for all the packages, or specifically Networkjs?

I tried: npm install --save @types/openzeppelin but no dice, and I don’t see a ‘types’ entry in the package.json of the networkjs package either.




Hi! We’re still new to the world of publishing for the TypeScript ecosystem so unfortunately we haven’t configured the packages to include types yet. Someone recently pointed this out for Test Environment and contributed the right config, but we haven’t published that yet. And we still have to fix it for our other projects. If anyone wants to help this is a good opportunity for a small contribution!


Hey @Dennison! I’ve aded TypeScript types support to network.js at version 0.4.0. Enjoy!

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