Trying to build a smart contract with presale and airdrop built in


I am trying to build a smart contract with presale and airdrop..
I have two contracts and trying to merge.
1 is deflationary token just as another shit coin, but 2 is presale and airdrop contract.
However, I cannot get to merge them..

Is there any token that has both presale and airdrop feature in a deflationary token? so that I can get help from it?

Let me know,


yes it exist, long time ago i've writed for some people.

if i can recommend something, don't merge the contracts. leave the token contracts as is, then create new contract for airdrops and presale. this way, future developing and maintaining can be easier, also it makes your code's look clean.

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okay thank you..

can you share any presale separate contract on bsc or etherscan... or the one with both integrated? I want to get some help in code.. let me know ..