True Dead Wallet or Not?

Took a look at 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead on Bscscan today and it says this wallet is worth $2,745,334,320.27? How can this be?? I thought when tokens/coins were burned/destroyed and sent to this address it removed their value? Isn’t that the idea? Burn some tokens decreases supply and increased remaining token/coins value, but here it’s showing the token/coins in this wallet have retained their value??

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The value you see is because the dead wallet maybe have tokens with price too. If I send 1k BUSD to that address, it’s balance will increase of 1k $

it is almost a dead wallet, you can see, this address has many 0 as prefix and a specific word dead as suffix, so if you want to generate such an account, the probability is 1/16**40, you know, this is a very small number, it is hard to generate such an account, and so far, no one has controlled this account, so you can say this is a dead account.
Some tokens do not have a function to burn, so they just transfer tokens to this address to declare that they have burnt tokens.

Okay, so for every address, if it has tokens, and the tokens have value, it will show how much dollars it worth.