Transactions send through MinimalForwarder does not show up on recipient contract's Polygonscan "Transactions Tab"?

Hi, I am working with the 01-defender-meta-txs workshop app code. After the setup, I have 2 contracts in Polygon scan.
MinimalForwarder and Registry.

I first tested the Registry contract without MinimalForwarder and everything works as expected (signer pays the gas and the tx shows up in the "transactions tab" in polygonscan - the two txs after the contract creation tx).

I then tested it using MinimalForwarder (and using Defender's Autotask + Relayer). As you can see in the MinimalForwarder contract there are many tx and the Registry contract does update the names mapping state. But why does the txs not update in Registry contract's polygonscan "transactions tab"?

I expected to see txs with

From: MinimalForwarder Contract Address
To: Registry Contract Address

Polygonscan only tracks EOA addresses? Please help.

Hey @junhuang-ho! Etherscan only shows transactions sent directly to or from an address in the Transactions tab. When you send a tx to the Registry via the Forwarder, the tx is sent to the Forwarder, which then calls into the Registry - that's why you only see those txs in the Transactions tab of the Forwarder and not of the Registry.

Some etherscan versions show an additional tab Internal Transactions, which display info on every transaction that has affected that contract (see here for the DAI contract on mainnet as an example), but apparently it's not available on the Mumbai fork unfortunately.

Now, an easy way to spot if those meta txs are reaching your Registry is to check for the Events it emitted. You'll see there are events that correspond to txs not listed in the Registry Transactions, those are the ones that go through the Forwarder.

Hope this helps!

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I see, thanks for clarifying ! :slight_smile: