THRIVEnetwork is searching for a business partner down for the long haul

Greetings, my name is Ryan Kent Berridge, I am the Vice-President of THRIVEnetworks.
A company based upon the utilization of the Ethereum Blockchain.
We have put together in theory, a method of which the ERC-20 Token, can be used to incentivize the sale of physical and/or digital products. I am seeking help/advice/a programmer, to join the mission and keep everything running smooth. I was going to make my ERC-20 on vittominacori, but the fee seemed steep to me for the token and I'm not sure if that is accurate or if they are taking advantage of the customer ( us ).
The main goal here is to create a system which #THRIVEnetworks is able to use #smart-contracts to gift customers of our products the token which is only attainable through purchasing #THRIVE products such as the #THRIVEbike or #THRIVEcloth. #THRIVEtech is our tech brand.
With the use of a proportion for each dollar spent on the #THRIVEnetwork, a proportional amount of
erc-20 from my network is sent to the customer as a gift for them being my friend and purchasing my products. Not only can it incentivize the sale of products, but also the sharing of ideas.
I would like to implement an affiliate program based off of the ERC-20 network, of which if a customer/business partner share a link to any #THRIVEnetwork product, and that share ends in a sale, the person who shared the link also receives a reward of ERC-20 equal to that of the purchasers.

#THRIVEnetwork continues its mission to teach the value of block chain and how it can be utilized to add incentives to any business
virtually conceivable. It is the idea that any company whom decides to use the THRIVEnetwork solution is able to copy all ideas
free of charge, the proof of work that this will be profitable is payment enough for me. THRIVEnetwork is upon a root and sub.
THRIVE being the root function, network being the sub function. THRIVEnetwork is the original sub of #THRIVE leading to the hash function
#THRIVE sub network, or #THRIVEnetwork. #THRIVEnetwork(s) consist of all preceeding products related to the brand #THRIVE.
I.G.> #THRIVEnetwork #THRIVEcloth #THRIVEbike #THRIVEdeco #THRIVEled #THRIVEmeal #THRIVEsupplements #THRIVEenergy #THRIVEgame
#THRIVEmath #THRIVEscience #THRIVEliterature #THRIVEhuamnities, amongst many other products offered by the #THRIVEnetwork.
This Script/Subscript architecture is adoptable for any company who wishes to establish the backbone to the network, which is dervied
from the ETHEREUM network, Trusted by close friend Satoshi Nakomoto's BTC network, The ETHEREUM network allows us at #THRIVEnetwork, as
well as anyone else capable, to create a blockchain on the ERC-20 network. These tokens are able to be created specific to the wishes
of the user for an unlimited number of purposes. We at #THRIVEnetwork have found a method to use these ERC-20 tokens to supplement
the pre-existing, or planned, physical business of an online e-commerce store, or even a brick and mortar "mom and pop shop."
The general concept is this, nothing given away to your customers is "Free Money." To derive ERC-20 Tokens cost the sacrifice of energy,
#THRIVEnetwork utilizes #THRIVEsolar to power the calculations required to create the ERC-20 network which it runs off of.
With the establishment of the ERC-20 token, branded for you, the customer, your business will gain the attribute of being able to
dispense your own currency, minted, and valued by the internet. The exact method to develop and incentivize your ERC-20 token is the
"Business" of #THRIVEconsultations. We help those who are not able to establish the ERC-20 network themselves build it so that every
person is given a fair chance to use this new technology, which will most likely grow at an exponential rate in the coming years.
#THRIVEnetwork is responsible for the creation of new technology upon the #THRIVEblockchain, which has the potential to unlimited funding
as well as knowledge.
Here is an example of how #smart-contracts can incentivize customers into buying more.

EXAMPLE 1: Incentivizing your physical products with ERC-20 Tokenomics.

Business A has Book1 for sale
Business B has Book1 for sale Each busines sells on, however Business B has a unique website and code compared to A,C.
Business C has Book1 for sale

Each Business spends an equal amount of money on products/advertising/marketing. And each Business has the ability to create ERC-20 tokens,
but only Business B opts in to the #THRIVEnetwork program. After a firm business meeting with #THRIVEconsultations, Business B creates
their very own ERC-20 token, named BCOIN.

The number of BCOIN printed is 1,000,000. To keep the numbers simplified in human brain arithmetic.
After minted and listed on a cryptoexchange, the BCOIN is now a live crypto on the live cryptomarket.

The only purpose of the #THRIVEnetwork ideal, is to give away the crypto as a gift only to those who purchase the physcial/digital
product of Business B.

All three businesses above sell the same product, however Business B is selling more, because for every Book1 sold, Business B
distributes 50 BCOIN to the wallet of their customers. A "wallet" is a digital/physcial device with a programmed ledger connected to
the ETHEREUM network that keeps track of the amount of ERC-20 tokens you have, not only BCOIN, but every other ERC-20 token in existence
can be stored on these devices.

#THRIVEnetwork supplies all customers with the apporiate amount of #THRIVEwallet (physcial hard wallets) at a discounted rate,
to all customers in an effort to spread integration of crypto into the modern society.

As Business B begins its life of selling Book1, the general public, even those who buy Book1 from Busines A and Business C, fall
in love with Book1, none of them can wait for Book2 to go out, they are in a frenzy over the author whose pseudonym can not be cracked
and in mass hysteria waiting for Book2 to be released.

Mean while, all of the customers who shopped with Business B, notice that the crypto they have sitting in their ledger is increasingly
becoming worth more in value. Some trade their BCOIN for BITCOIN and the send it to cashapp to gain USD, Some decide to sit on it
and wait, but all realize they made a better purchase than the customers of Business A, and Business C, because of the added value
of the gift of BCOIN. The BCOIN was distributed at the sacrifice of Business B, for they only gifted the BCOIN as an act of friendship
towards the new customers who are treated as family instead of customers. THIS is the #THRIVEway.

Fast foward 2 years, and the author of Book1's psuedonym spreads news that Book2 shall be released, every customer goes wild, but by this
time, every fan of the Book1 realizes that every customer who bought Book1 from Business B was gifted BCOIN, and while it is still not
to late for Business A or Business C to join the #THRIVEnetwork, since Business B joined first, their ERC-20 Token began to build value
exponentially first, before Business A or Business C, leading their ERC-20 token to be worth in value for the time being unless
Business A or Business C are able to find a method to increase the value of their own ERC-20 token vs BCOIN.

Regardless of Business A or Business C or Business B's decision, Author releases Book2 to the publisher. All three business recieve the
copies of the book, and fans can not wait for the distribution. However for fans have already naturally gravitated towards using
the busines of Business B, because they noticed the people in their bookclub who have BCOIN are able to use the BCOIN to buy Chik-fil-a,
as well as any other food offered at their colleges lounge. Becuase of this, many fans have decided to leave their long standing
tradition of buy exclusivley from Business A and Business C, and would rather purchase from Business B to gain the advantage of BCOIN,
many of the students have already purchased #THRIVEwallets to be ready for the Book2 drop, and to recieve their 50 BCOIN.

Buisness B decides to venture out of only selling Book1+2, they realize not only do people want to purchase Book1, and Book2, but they will
buy anything form Business B so long as 50 BCOIN are distributed for the purchase, or a number of BCOIN proportional to the fiat spent to
buy the product from Business B. This eliminates inflation of BCOIN, had they offered 50 BCOIN for every purchase regardless of value,
it opens up room for abuse from customers, to buy the cheapest item and take all of the BCOIN 50 at a time, by means of buying
all of the $1 items vs the $20 Book for the same rewards. This can be fixed witht he simple proportion 1/x=20/50 where x is the number of
BCOIN distributed to the customer in comparison to the amount of USD spent.

Thank you for tuning in to #THRIVEnetwork, see you next time <3.

If you share a link from your company ( mine being THRIVEnetwork), and your customer/and or business parter whom shared the link
buys a unique article of you company, mine being clothing products, the customer who purchased from the link, as well as the person who
shared the link will get a commission of 1500 tokens from the ETHEREUM network, in the form of the coin which we as the businessmen/women
will produce. The ERC20 network is accessible by EVERYONE including mal minded people however they are quickly snuffed out in this
community. This makes it the perfect network for anyone to make a traceable token, traceable meaning it will be brought back to your
original start point, mine being THRIVEgymwear, however it can be traded for any currency in the world, even USD.
you get a commision of erc20