Templates for BNB rewarding token with deflationary system

Hello Community!

Currently I need help with deploying BEP20 Token with deflationary system and rewarding BNB. I came across and created deflationary token through cointool.app

However, if some of you know HODL token, this is what kind of token I’m looking to develop. I do really like the idea of earning BNB for holders. One major change would be earning BNB without claiming it, so it auto-deposit into holders wallets.

I’ve seen that BSCscan allows you to view and copy CONTRACT CODE. So…Is there any templates for these kind of tokens or perhaps developer? Personally would like to give a go on developing contract myself.

Any kind of information will help lots!!!

Kind regards :slight_smile:

Avoid phrases like “need help”, they won’t get you any more answers and might get your post flagged.