Syncing geth on the Rinkeby Network;


I am following a Smart contract book which uses rinkeby network with geth:

geth --rinkeby --pot 31303

It says to leave the network to sync overnight and resume the book exercises when the sync is complete.

Does it mean that I have to run the above geth command and leave my computer running through out the night? How will I know that the syncing has completed or not? What if the syncing does not complete even if I run my computer through the whole night?

Somebody please guide me.


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Hi @zak100,

I assume so, you are syncing your Rinkeby node. I would check for the latest information on how long a sync takes and how much space it requires.

You could try the author of the book. Otherwise you may want to ask in a geth community.

I either use a local network (ganache-cli or hardhat) or use a public node provider such as Infura or Alchemy.

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