Support for EIP-1202 (MultiVote)

EIP-1202 ( proposes support for ranked-choices or variant weights voting.

It seems like the Governor._countVote method currently accepts a uint8 support parameter, which doesn't seem compatible with the uint8[] support parameter in the proposal. Is there a way to reconcile this proposal with the OZ Governor?


Thanks for the post. Author of 1202 here.

The 1202 has a backward compatible interface


which is compatible with OZ Governor

The 1202MultiVote interface is optional

Ah, I see. I can just extend my governor by implementing the 1202MultiVote interface, rather than trying to jam it into the existing (IERC1202Core) interface. Very cool, thanks!

Yeah, happy to hope on a call if you have any question implementing it. Or join a a discord server to ask questions