Suggestion to add tracing functionality to the SDK

This post is just a suggestion/ feature request.

0x has a neat tool called sol-trace, which helps with finding the exact line in the smart contract where a nasty bug occurred. The problem is that it's rather cumbersome to use with truffle. Here's how my truffle-config file looks.

The recent upgrade of the OpenZeppelin SDK is *awesome* and it would be even more awesome if it had a functionality similar to sol-trace. I know it's a long shot, since the CLI tool doesn't run tests now, but it's worth keeping it in mind imo.


Working on it!

Would you like to have stack traces for failed tests, or commands run via the CLI (e.g. oz send-tx)? There's multiple projects working on traces, and we'll try to keep the testing library unopinionated so that it is easy to set up a different solution, albeit with a reasonable default.


To make it compatible with CI, it would be better to have the traces for the test command instead of oz send-tx.

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