Solidity Guru For Unique and Long-Term Wine Industry NFT Project! (ERC721)

Hi friends!
I'm a solidity programmer myself working on a really cool project that involves wine + NFTs and need someone who is a better coder than me to take over some of the heavy lifting so that I can focus on other matters for launch.

We have a great partner, a unique premise, lots of free wine, and an awesome team. It will be a first in the NFT industry. I myself have developed video games, apps, websites, and more and worked in the wine industry for 10 years building tech products, so have a lot of domain expertise + execution experience.

This is a long-term venture with a short-term first release date to iterate on. Will be a lot of nights working but can offer payment in cash or crypto + figure out an equity situation.

Respond here or email me at:

Thanks fam!