Smart Contract - New Service

My company is looking to create our first smart contract.

I am new to the blockchain and find it all very interesting.
If you are interested in this project, if it is feasible, please let me know

The basic concept is below:

Token Supply - 100 maximum
All tokens are initially the same.
When purchased the token will come with "company service"
After service is complete token can then be resold with the following stipulations:
• Minimum price is double original sales price
• ½ will go to creator to provide service to new buyer
• ½ will go to person selling the token. Allowing the original investment to be recouped.
• Creator receives 10% of all proceeds over seller's original investment.
• The remaining proceeds go to the seller.

Allowing the token price to vary creates issues with the ERC20 if I understand correctly.
Splitting the "Royalities" on the second and following sales creates issues?

Thank you


reach me at seth(@)cisinlabs(dot)com

to get the quote

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Thank you for the response.

Interested as well. You can reach me via email "ihor at codespaceinc dot co"

Thank you for the response.
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