Smart contract machine learning oraclize

Good morning,

Can i use oraclize to implement a clustering algorithm (k-means for example) and bind with a smart contract.

for traning data (Big Data Set), I want to use IPFS (off-chain) to save my dataset. can you also give me a roadmap or method just to start the implementation.

what tools i can use for development.


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Hi @Khenfouci_Yamina,

Apologies, I am not familiar with clustering algorithms, so am not really sure how this all hangs together.

I would recommend storing the least amount of data on-chain, the same goes for processing.

This might be that you only store the hash of your dataset, the name of the algorithm (or a hash of the algorithm) and the results (or if the results are large, the hash of the results) on-chain.

As you suggested, the data could be stored in decentralized storage such as IPFS.
This would allow someone to access the dataset, run the algorithm and compare them with what is stored in the contract.

You can use Remix to experiment with simple contracts.

It might help if you can expand a bit more on what you are trying to do.

This is a topic that I have interest in, as well. But it looks a bit farfetched. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with companies that are trying to build “markets” around something similar. Like, you want to work with some machine learning. Instead of going to AWS for example, they were creating a system to manage a decentralized network of machines dedicated to that, like nvidia cards. And so, you just pay to a decentralized network of computers to run your algorithms.

But they were not storing anything.

Still, if someone have more experience, I’m curious.

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pay to a decentralized network of computers to run your algorithms.

Sounds very much like Golem.