Smart contract interactions with V2 router

Hi, I've deployed a reward token clone and am having an issue whereby with any sell the smart contract proceeds to sell the relevant tokens to PCS in order to distribute the marketing fee, liquidity and rewards. This is 3 separate swaps within one transaction that are all visible as the token selling! Prior to the wallet selling sending any tokens back to the contract.

Here's an example tx: 0xc6d05e20f29e795ee05eae6c460225c2f79c78bd2b1ce2952b1f39922d5ff0ad

Fee's to marketing and liuidity are only paid after a sale it seems and therefore after a long period of only buys a slippage of 91% was needed to sell $1 because the contract was paying out such built up fees and rewards all of which were registering as sales and causing huge price movement (hence the required slippage). The token has low volume and liquidity is that the issue? e.g. not enough regular sales to keep the fees from building up?

Any thoughts of actions I can take to rectify or at least clarify why it's happening would be appreciated.