Sleeping AI - Legit or scam?

For some reason, I cannot swap this coin back to BNB/USDT
How can one check if a coin is a scam or legit?
I'm attaching screenshots of my issue

that is the coin Hash

I tried using higher slippage but to no success

This is not "the coin hash", it is the address of the AI Token contract on the Binance chain.

FYI, in this context, 'hash' typically refers to the unique identifier of a transaction executed on the chain.

As to:

This transaction is most likely executed on a different contract, which interacts with the token contract.

You'll need to provide more details, such as the address of that other contract, as well as the input values that you are passing when you try to execute that transaction.

FYI, 'increasing your slippage tolerance' typically implies that you should decrease your minimum expected return (which is one of the input values that you are passing as part of your transaction).