Should I have the check if update worked?

In my contract, I have the following:

                PluginUUPSUpgradeable(_proxy).upgradeToAndCall(_implementation, _initData)
            {} catch Error(string memory reason) {
            } catch (
                bytes memory /*lowLevelData*/
            ) {
                revert PluginProxyUpgradeFailed({
                    proxy: _proxy,
                    implementation: _implementation,
                    initData: _initData

Problem with the above is if on the _proxy, fallback function exists, but not upgradeToAndCall, this will still succeed and I will be left with the wrong state. I wanted to hear OZ's idea how you approach this ?
Do I need to make implementation function public in the proxy and then after try catch, maybe I should check:

require(_proxy.implementation() == _newimplementation);


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