Setting up a PoolTogether contract

Hi @abcoathup

Would love to get your help setting up an environment from scratch to be able to spin up PoolTogether contracts locally and on a testnet. Is that something you can help me with?

Happy to jump on a Discord call too during the day if that’s easiest?



Hi @RGhadamian,

I haven’t played with the PoolTogether contracts.
Do you have any links or documentation for what you want to do?

@asselstine is it just a matter of following the instructions in the README to create mocks to play with locally:

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Thanks for linking to the mocks, Andrew!

Fortunately @RGhadamian is now on our discord, so I’m helping him out there.

We’ve just launched the documentation for the next version of PoolTogether. It’s for the alpha 3.0 release, so it’s not on mainnet yet. However it’s the best place to steer people for now. As well as our Discord.

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Hi @RGhadamian,

Great to hear that you are in @asselstine’s safe hands. Look forward to hearing what you build.