Sentinel Not Triggering on Fuji Testnet

I'm trying to configure a very basic "Email Me" Sentinel on an Avalanche Fuji C-Chain Testnet contract, with a transaction property of status == 'success', but am not receiving any emails. The transactions show up in the "Test Sentinel conditions" backtest, but no email. I am able to receive emails from Defender, as a Sentinel on a mainnet sent emails no problem.

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Setting up a very basic email sentinel on Fuji is not working, despite successfully matching the conditions in the backtest.

For example, a sentinel set up on 0x093c99bbdc851d42d22e2bffc3810e29a7185fa0 (completely random contract), transaction 0xb7ea2a4e08f4376b5ba8bd33f9959a3f816abef139aa2d955fbd56b4758afff9 matches my conditions in the Test Sentinel conditions backtest, but doesn't trigger an email.

I was able to trigger emails on mainnet no problem.

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Hi @maks ,

Thanks for the bug report. I was able to reproduce this issue. It appears that one of our JSON RPC nodes for the Fuji testnet is having issues. I will report back when we have a resolution.

Dan McKeon

Hi @maks

Just want to follow up on this - these sentinel notifications should be firing again. Please reach out if there are any further issues.

Dan McKeon