Sending gasless transactions with and without Defender

What’s the benefit of using defender for implementing gasless transactions v.s. GSN without using defender?

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Hi @Yuling_Ma,

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The benefit is the level of control you have over the relayer so you can tailor how the system works based on your specific usecase.

With Defender, it is your relayer that you control and it is only you sending relay requests to it. With GSN, it is a decentralized network that you are paying to relay requests.

Please note, you could use Defender to run a relayer that participates in the GSN.

We ran a workshop today on gasless metatransactions, that if you didn’t get to see I would suggest watching. We will be posting to our YouTube next week:

Hey @Yuling_Ma! In addition to what Andy mentions, fees per transaction should be lower if you’re using Defender, since you don’t have to pay the relayer fee (which are at 20 or 70%, depending on which of the two mainnet relayers you hit), and there are no gas costs associated to executing the relayer payment (which involves going through the relay hub and paymaster contracts). On the other hand, Defender does have a fixed monthly cost to use, so overall it depends on the monthly tx volume you’d expect.

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