Sender Account not Recognized

I am trying to take the following test.

I have my smart contract COINERC20, when I instantiated I am mining for different portfolios, eg an X value for portfolio for ICO Private.

In my tests via Truffle, what do I need to do:

  • Transfer my tokens from Private wallet to Smart Contract SALES (this contract will be used to sell the coins at ICO).
    But I'm having the following error:
Error: Returned error: sender account not recognized

Below I'm putting my test file, I'm not putting my ERC20 contract because it's the default Openzeppelin template.

The solidity version I'm using "0.8.0"

const { expect } = require('chai');

const SALES = artifacts.require('SALES');
const COINERC20 = artifacts.require('COINERC20');

contract("SALES", (accounts) => {

    const accountPrivateSales = "0xf452611E6066C881A83610e3b4656b3B593f7AD1";
    const amountPrivateSales = "10000000";
    let coinInstance, contractInstance;

    beforeEach(async () => {       
        coinInstance = await;
        contractInstance = await;        

    describe("Validate pre-sales from account privateSales", async () => {
        it(`Verifiy amount in accountPrivateSales to be equal ${amountPrivateSales}`, async () => {
            let total  = await coinInstance.balanceOf(accountPrivateSales);
        it(`Verifiy amount in smart contract SALES to be equal 0`, async () => {
            let total  = await coinInstance.balanceOf(contractInstance.address);
        it(`Transfer accountPrivate to smart contract SALES`, async () => {
            coinInstance = await COINERC20.deployed(accountPrivateSales);
            let total  = await coinInstance.balanceOf(accountPrivateSales);
            await coinInstance.approve(contractInstance.address, total, {from: accountPrivateSales});
            await coinInstance.transferFrom(accountPrivateSales, contractInstance.address, total, {from: accountPrivateSales})

             total  = await coinInstance.balanceOf(contractInstance.address);
            console.log("TOTALL === "+total)