Selling Price is increasing unexpectedly during trading

Hello, I have copied a contract code from bscsan(which is comfirmed a normal project, not honeypot), changed its tax fee, totalsuppy and some address then published. The initial buy and sell tax was set 13%, But I found while the trading starts, the sell tax is increasing gradually and a while later it became a honeypot with 50%+ selling tax.

The error is shown like this.

I only changed the totalsupply from 100000000 to 1, and some tax fee, marketing wallet. why this happens.

the code is here. (modified version, gradually become honeypot)
Contract Address 0xee49c6950721da88d4a1398b9a594c34b979425a | BscScan

and the original project
Contract Address 0x36fd7e8e09a81ebde654347bde4bef2644464a87 | BscScan

thanks very much for help