Runtime Variables in Autotask

I wanted to pass variables to a function which requires quantity and token id at run time.. I have hard coded for testing but at run time i am getting failures..

I am currently using the autotask to automate allocating tokens to users, these tokens are identified by their tokenID and also corresponding quantities. I have logged params and could pass in there.. but i dont know if thats the best way to do it.

anyone have an idea/suggestion?

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soo.. ChatGPT was able to provide some support on this... shockingly

for anyone else, the two variables i wanted to pass were:

    const {quantity, tokenId} = params.request.body;

by adding that line to my autotask code I can set the variables in the request of the webhook.

so in the body of my post request i added the variables.. in the docs my params variable is events.